Destroy This Book Has Erupted

Slowly but inevitably, like a creeping brush fire, Destroy This Book is beginning to appear in the world. They have been appearing in ashtrays, perched precariously on the lips of trash cans, discarded in the bushes as if by mercurial crows. They are volatile treasures, unstable Easter eggs. If you are visiting this page, odds are you have been lucky enough to spot one already.

If you haven’t, you’re in for a rare treat. From now until May 12th, a few copies of Destroy This Book will be on display in the Tiny Press Practices Gallery Library, at “The Cube”, Butler Building #4, CalArts campus. Stop by, marvel at the handmade books on parade, and mark or snip a line out of one of these destructable books. Or simply doodle in the margins; your marks are your business. Come back for the closing potluck on May 12th, starting at 11am, and see how we have all collaborated in the creation of five totally unique, utterly ruined books. Book-burning party to follow?

RSVP on Facebook.


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