Belief #1: The First Belief

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting from now until we run out of beliefs, the Universal Beliefs Project will be posting beliefs at a rate of roughly one per week. All beliefs published on the site are anonymous, so you are invited to share yours with us, either through e-mail (beliefsproject [at] yahoo [dot] com) or by leaving a comment. The first set of beliefs will be taken from Destroy This Book: Volume 1. And now, without further delay…


1.  That out of nothing came something


2.  That time and space are
identical twins with no mother or father…
and gave birth to themselves


3.  And contained within them were all seeds
the stuff and spark of all


4.  That realms of distance and force
expanded to dwarf comprehension


5.  And stillness gave way to change
and from sameness came complexity
of form and substance


6.   All stuff coalesced into
monumental whirlpools of fire


7.   And from among the numberless cauldrons
came our own, and from within that hurricane
a tiny speck became our warm star


9.   And from the swirling chaos
came nine circling spheres
and the third sphere bubbled from within
and was pummeled from without
until the naked sphere spun, out of air,
its own thin blanket


10.  And from out of the blanket
came a lambs wool
out of which fell the
first patterned dust


11.  With the purity of a Euclidean
dream the dust collected in
the high places
and along the folds in the land


12.  And from the steepest places
the white pressed down
and formed the slow rivers


13.  Which carved from the cooling rock
the valleys where the melt would flow


14.  And with each passage around the star
the path of the rock went up and down
warm to cold and back again
Over and over
until out of a dead world came
something new, which replicated itself


15.  And the cells divided in the waters
and the spores and the seeds
blew in the breath of the earth
and spread growth upon the land


16.  And out of the vastness
of creatures great and small
one asked himself how he came to be


17.  Over the millennia the creature
told and believed many a false
and profound tale, which
gave him a place and a purpose
before the impossible truth emerged


18.  And now with the strength of peace
and the justice of time
the creature tells himself
without chant or dance
but with ancient wonder
the improbable story


19.  That out of nothing came something…


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