Monthly Archives: August 2011

Belief #7

I think its true that whether we will ever know what we think is true is true or not does not matter.


Belief #6

I believe that tights =/= pants

Belief #5

I believe in God. I believe that he sent his Son, Jesus, to live and die for us. There are too many miracles that occur that science cannot explain, be it unexpected recoveries or survivals of dire sicknesses, to make His non-existence credible. Furthermore, the power of faith to change the hearts of men, to motivate believers to be kinder, more loving, more merciful, more charitable, has been demonstrated time and again. And while I know that such faith is not limited to just the Christian faith, the transformative power of God is evident, at least to me. I know that sometimes I do not always live up to the standards I set for myself because of this, but the constant striving to improve both myself and things within my sphere of influence is what I believe is important. The constant pull to be more caring and more loving has led me to book emergency bus trips to visit people in need, to spend time volunteering and helping others improve their quality of life, to change the way I treat others. I don’t do it perfectly, or all the time, but as I said, I try.

Moreover, the knowledge that I have a loving God has helped me come through many dark and depressing situations. I have seen the comfort it provides to friends and family going through dark times as well. Some may dismiss it as using a blanket to cover my head from facing reality, but, it seems to me to be a similar situation to that in C.S. Lewis’ The Silver Chair: If this is all made-up and there really is nothing else but this world, then it seems a very dreary and depressing one, and I would much rather live with my made-up beliefs and ideals anyway. It makes life more meaningful, and consequently, more fulfilling, at least to me.

Belief #4: Making Up For Lost Time

I believe that the universe is infinite, and that there are mysteries that will never be explained by humans.  I believe in the importance of love between people, and that truly loving someone creates something eternal.

Belief #3: And So On

I believe that it doesn’t matter whether or not you attend the physical edifice of an organized religion; but what is important is how you live your life.