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Belief #11

What I believe:

Is if my computer had a button on the side, which, when I pushed it, turned this machine slowly into a typewriter, my screen into a paper, my keys into elevated ones, my virtual ink into the wet of old, the plastic into the solid weight of metal, the air into a thick and fresh taste, the building that houses my apartment into gone, even the metropolis where my building now exists into a setting like the small camp it was one of one-hundred and fifty years ago where around me I could see the difference of this western state, the languages, the dialects,  the people, the lifestyles where a story is something a settler of 1861 disregards for the figures of acreage against costs or ownership against surveyed plots, a government surveyor winces against to instead take the bottle of rye, a miner passes on in his twelve year search, a Chinese immigrant isn’t allowed to understand, a Mexican vaquero winks away,  and a cowboy whistles at before saying, “I did’t do school all the way through,” and where a typewriter itself is a rare thing, then I might not feel this way.

But as is–I sit in my small apartment and listen to my neighbors move furniture from one wall to another to another to another, and I think about walking to the fast-food restaurant as an excuse to get outdoors–I believe this is the only thing I want to be doing.


Belief #10: Belief of the Decade

I believe that‘s just like, your opinion, man.

Belief #9

I believe that the creation of life and the creation of ideas are the only goals worth pursuing as living organisms.

I believe that the phrase “creation of life” is ultimately meaningless.  Life neither begins nor ends, spatially or temporally.

I believe that the borders between a “person” and the rest of the universe, spatially and temporally, are arbitrary and spurious.

I believe that the arbitrary and spurious borders we create between things are essential sacrifices that allow our minds to gloss over the vastness and complexity of everything so that we can focus our efforts on the creation of life and the creation of ideas.

I believe that sexual reproduction is one of the only consciously controlled means of extending our “selves” in time, and to a lesser degree in space.

I believe that there is no meaningful distinction between a child and a limb, or between a parent and a limb.

I believe that there is no meaningful distinction between a breath and a limb, or between a limb and the web of energies, vibrations, ideas and molecules that surrounds our “selves.”

I believe that all of my beliefs about physical “selves” can also be applied to conceptual “selves”: identities, thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Belief #8