Belief #18

I believe in a super race, or super people, with the implementations of nanotech, biotech, eugenics, it can easily be achieved in a new renaissance, a time of great innovation.

Daedalus made wings for his son Icarus (Machine and human) Icarus became man with wings (Man with Machine) Daedalus told him not to fly to close to the sun as the wax that holds his wings would melt. The sun (Helios in greek myth) represents boundaries…if people become something different, lose their “humanhood” then they would die.

A human god could be created, a person, of great education and intelligence and kindness, a benevolent dictator. A ruler ruling without question, providing, and assessing everything…knowing right and wrong with its human parts and general efficiency using computer and machine parts.

Sorry if I am not good at getting my point out clearly, I am only 16 and not very talented in writing or *chuckles* proving a point.


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